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Welcome to the Union Agway Lawn & Garden Home Page.

Union Agway is more than just a plant supplier or a power equipment dealer. Our range of products is broad and deep.
Our staff is well acquainted with every products features and benefits to better help you get the right items for your project.  Just to get you started, here is a considerable amount of information to help you better care for your yard & gardens. Be sure to check back often, you never know when a special might appear.

Tools & Wheels


No store with a Lawn & Garden department is complete without a wide range of tools to accomplish your tasks around the home, business or farm.  From Aerators to Yard Carts we carry a broad selection to fit almost every need. Hoses, Sprayers, Sprinklers will keep it wet and growing good. Tools to dig, cut, rake, or lift (aka: shovel it) And of course the wheels to help you transport it, from Wheelbarrows to Carts.


Power Equipment


Our Power Equipment lineup has been streamlined over the past couple of years. No longer do we try to provide you with all of your outdoor Power Equipment needs. We have focused our lineup to lawnmowers, lawn tractors, garden tillers and string trimmers. Almost all our products now carry the Troy Bilt name, manufactured by MTD. What we excel in is service AFTER the sale.  We have all the belts, blades, filters and more for every machine we sell and have sold for the past 10 years IN STOCK!  Parts for proven names like Briggs & Stratton, Troy Bilt (MTD), Tecumseh, Kohler, Hydro-Gear, Yardman, Poulan/Weedeater, AYP (Sears) & White Outdoor are all in stock at Union Agway. As of November 1, 2015 we unfortunately had had to close our repair shop.


Seeds & Bulbs


After our long winters, spring arrives and none of us can wait to get started in the garden!  We have vegetable, herb, annual and perennial flower seeds plus spring and summer flowering bulbs ready for planting. Are you looking for tulips, daffodils, or garlic to plant in the fall for a big spring show? What about glads and dahlias for beautiful summer and fall flowering? Of course, don't forget to select from our huge assortment of vegetables - tomatoes, carrots, squash, beets, corn, potatoes and onions to name a few and all those wonderfully savory herbs like dill, oregano, parsley and thyme.  At Union Agway, you'll also find the supplies, tools and books you need to plan, plant and harvest your dream garden! For Greenhouse and Nursery plants, be sure to visit our Nursery page.

Chemicals, Traps & Rodent Control

Got bugs or pests? Maybe rats, mice, flies, mosquitoes, black flies, snakes, slugs, snails, white flies,
Japanese beetles, aphids, moles, squirrels, skunks or raccoons?? Want to get rid of those DEER??? You've come to the right place! Union Agway has organic and non-organic pest control products to get rid of just about anything that wriggles, creeps, crawls, walks, runs, flies, climbs, hops, slinks or slithers into your yard, house, barn, motor home or garden. Just ask - we can help!

Fertilizer & Lime Products


To keep your yard and garden growing strong and healthy, you need a variety of reliable organic or commercial fertilizers and lime. Remember a soil test first to help you apply the right amount of just what your plants and lawn need to perform at their best.  Union Agway offers the highest quality products for beautiful lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables plus your orchard trees too!


Soils, Mulches & Soil Amendments


Gardeners know one thing: Every success in the garden begins with healthy, balanced soil. Achieving a good soil structure and nutrient level requires a variety of soil amendments including humus, compost, manures, peat moss and even sand.  Starting from seed? We have everything you need from a complete potting mix to the basic ingredients for gardeners who want to make their own potting soil.

Your goal is a soil which drains well yet retains moisture and promotes the growth of both roots and micro-organisms.  How do you know what your soil needs? Start with a soil test! Then come to Union Agway for all the soil amendments right in one place.

Once you're planted, don't forget to mulch your gardens to keep weeds down and moisture in. Whether you prefer bagged or bulk it will make your gardens look fabulous! Don't forget we can deliver too.


Greenhouse & Nursery Plants

The nursery at Union Agway has a bountiful collection of annual bedding plants, hardy perennials, fruit trees and bushes and a wide selection of ornamental trees and shrubs for you to choose from. Plants are selected to grow in zone 2 to 5 which means they are hardy to our zone 5.  We feature Proven Winner and Proven Selection Annuals and offer over 100 varieties of these second to none, top quality branded plants. Our offering of Proven Winner perennials and woody ornamentals is growing each year as the benefits of the Proven Winner brand becomes more obvious.  All of our annuals, hanging baskets and vegetable bedding packs are grown right here in Union at 7-Tree Farm & Greenhouse.

Click here for our Nursery Plants site. (This page will stay open underneath)


Yard, Garden & Plant Accessories

Garden accessories include such a wide selection of products and each person has their own tastes and needs. Fortunately, Union Agway offers everything from seed starting supplies and tools, to composters, stakes, trellises, arbors and ornaments.

There are window boxes, fountains, water garden forms, pumps and accessories.

But the most important garden accessory is the soil test!

Books, Pamphlets & Magazines


Garden Way Publishing and Storey Books are THE sources for practical, hands on information and direction for country living.  With a full selection on our shelves, you and your family can read and learn about caring for your pets and barnyard animals, working in your yard and garden, making and using crafts, wood working, fencing, building small structures, cooking, preserving, making and using a root cellar and so much more. Then, with the complement of the hundreds of pamphlets from Storey, you can learn even more like wood lot management, wine and beer making, making soups, composting and everything else that we do in the country.  These books will help you and your family live healthier and happier and they make great gifts too! They're all right here for you to start with so bring the kids and let's get reading!


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