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Like any good Lawn & Garden store, our offering of hand tools to dig, rake, plant and more is extensive. Trying to keep our website up to date is challenging as we keep improving and changing our lineup of tools as new tools and new vendors keep changing from year to year.  Categories below will take you to the group of tools described.  We have described in general the offering of tools in the category chosen and provided images of many of our tools, however nothing shown or described on these pages can duplicate the touch and feel when you handle the tool in person, so please come and visit to learn more about our tools.  If you don't see the tool you may be looking for on this page be sure to check our other pages of tools on the Lawn & Garden Tool Home page.
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Need an inexpensive hand tool for light duty jobs? Our economy hand tools feature Baked-On Enamel Finished Blades and Tough Plastic Handles with Thumb Groove. We offer a  Garden or Transplanter Trowel and a three prong cultivator in this line.
Our Agway easy grip series features baked-on enamel finish and a comfortable ergonomic rubberized grip.
Our premium Agway labeled hand tools feature a Stainless Steel tool with an ergonomic comfort grip.
Need something with a little extra reach? Our adjustable handle garden tools will fit the bill. These strong, lightweight tools feature steel handles adjusting from 25 to 37 inch length for extra reach and leverage and a  comfortable, soft, non-slip grip. Durable heat-treated heads with rust-resistant powder-coated paint and metal ring for convenient hanging storage. 

Keep your children working right along side with our "Little Diggers" line of tools. These are not just toys. Products are as functional as Mom and Dads. Little diggers are constructed of durable poly that will not crack or rust. Sorry, we have not yet found any tools to keep your "teenagers" working for or along side you!
Planting Glads, Daffodils or even Tuberous Begonias can be a lot quicker and easier with a bulb planter. Our aluminum bulb planter with cushioned handle and easy squeeze handle releases dirt for easy use. Need a more rugged planter for those tough conditions or big jobs? Try our Deluxe Short Handle Bulb Planter with its Sleek Steel Construction and Comfort Grip.
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While a powered backhoe might be the easier method to dig in tough sold conditions, pry out rocks or cut out stubborn roots, the more economical choice might be a pick or mattock. We offer three different head styles to give you the tool you need to complete the job. All feature a 5 lb. high grade steel head and your choice of 36" wood or fiberglass handle in the Pick/Mattock head.
 Railroad Pick Head  Cutter/Mattock     Pick/Mattock-Wood Handle       Pick/Mattock-FG Handle
In our neck of the woods we have always called these tools Crowbars. However you call them, be it Crowbar, Pinch Bar or San Angelo Bar, we have choices and sizes for you. 
60" Wedge Point Crowbar         72" San Angelo Bar         72" Tamper-Digger Bar
Compacting surfaces is easily accomplished with a Seymour Tamper. This solid cast iron painted head and 4" contoured hardwood handle comes in either a 8" x 8" or a 10" x 10" head.
We can't remember anybody getting excited about digging ditches or postholes, but if it's a task that need to be done then we have a selection of posthole diggers to help you get the task done quickly and efficiently.
Keep garden borders, drives and walkways trimmed and edged with one of our Edger Tools.
  D-Handle Half Moon Edger                     Long Handle Edger             HD All Steel Edger
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Like any good garden supply store, of course we carry garden hoes. In fact at last count we carried four standard blade type hoes, a Warren Hoe, a Two-Prong Weeding Hoe and a Scuffle Weeding Hoe and if you are looking for a "man size" hoe for garden work check out our Barn Hoe in the Farm Tools Page.
Standard Garden Hoe        Onion Hoe          Fiberglass Handle Hoe                    Warren Hoe                  

              Scuffle Hoe
 2-Prong Weeding Hoe                                          Scuffle Hoe          
Whether preparing a seed bed for lawn or garden, a bow or level head rake is the indispensible tool you will need. 
  14T Bow Rake-54" Wood Handle           16T Bow Rake-60" FG Handle               14T Level Head Rake-54" Wood Handle

14T Bow Rake-54" Wood Handle
For cultivating, weeding and aerating in light or tilled soils choose one of our 4-Tine Garden Cultivators.
 54" Wood Handle 4-Tine Cultivator                           54" FG Handle 4-Tine Cultivator
At one point we carried over 15 different type and styles of Lawn Rakes and although we have consolidated a bit, we still carry more than a dozen different choices for you to choose from. Whether it be all poly, all bamboo, all steel or a combination of poly/bamboo or poly/steel, we surely have a rake to keep your yard neat and clean, all it requires is a lawn rake operator. (your teenager, if you can convince them to operate this non-tech device) 
 For final grading of landscapes and lawns nothing completes the job better than a lightweight aluminum Landscape Rake. We stock the most popular 36" size, but can easily order a rake with a 24" or a 48" head.   
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Shovels and Spades.
Most "Maine-iacs" call 'em Spades, but the Tool Industry calls them Round Point Shovels, but whether you call them Spades, Round Point or Square Point Shovels we probably have the Shovel (aka: Spade) for you.   
D-Handle Round Point (DHRP) Shovels
Good Quality-Wood Handle         USA Good Quality-Wood Handle                   Agway Better-FG Handle
D-Handle Square Point (DHSP) Shovels
 Lil Hog (Short Handle)                Wood Handle-Poly Grip       Agway Better-FG Handle  Wood Handle-Wood Grip
                                                      Long Handle Round Point (LHRP) Shovels
Good Quality-Wood Handle  Good Quality-Wood Handle  Better Quality-Wood Handle     Agway Better-FG Handle
 Long Handle Square Point (LHSP) Shovels
Agway Good-Wood Handle      USA Better-Wood Handle           Agway Better-FG Handle            Razorback Best-Wood Handle
D-Handle Garden Spades
Wood Handle-Poly Grip          Better Quality-FG Handle                    Drain & Shrub-FG Handle                      
D-Handle Spading Forks
Wood Handle-Poly Grip                                             Ames Better-Wood Handle
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