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Spray, Dust or Hand Water, we have the tool to help you keep bugs, diseases, unwanted weeds, grass or brush at bay. Need a new nozzle or replacement wand? We carry parts for Chapin, DB Smith, Agway and Solo Sprayers.
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Need a sprayer for fruit trees, another for weed and grass control and perhaps a third for garden insecticide?  We offering a quality sprayer in an affordable package with this 1 Gal Poly Sprayer from Chapin. With a price of under $15, you can afford more than one of these durable polyethylene constructed Sprayers.

Our own branded Agway Compressed Air Poly Sprayer features anti-clog filter, splash guard, large funnel top, ergo pump handle, adjustable nozzle and translucent tank. These affordable good quality sprayers come available in 2 or 3 gal sizes.

Agway 2 Gal Deluxe Compressed Air Sprayer. This sprayer includes a polymer shut-off with lock-on feature for convenient, continuous spraying. Shutoff and nozzle disassemble for easy cleaning. Features include: 42 inch reinforced hose, funnel top, on board spray shield and measuring cup. Also available by order in a 3 gal size.

For ease of use and no pumping we suggest our Battery Powered Sprayer with an adjustable nozzle, fill/empty cap, removable top for easy cleaning, 66" hose and padded shoulder strap. Battery compartment requires 4-D batteries, telescoping wand extends from 12 to 30 inches. Batteries allow for approximately 30 5-liter applications.

For those big spraying jobs choose our 3 gal Backpack Sprayer. This Sprayer has a high density polyethylene tank with a 4 inch tank opening and a fine mesh filter to keep spray solution clog free. Internal piston pumping action and 38" 2-piece poly wand with dual head nozzle for spraying in different directions makes those big jobs go quickly.

Chapin 61800 ProSeries 4 gal. Backpack Sprayer. Internal 4 position spray valve for expert pressure control from 15 PSI to 60 PSI. Padded carrying straps. Easy operating spray handle with continuous spray feature. Adjustable cone and fan nozzle. Adjustable pump handle for right or left hand use.

Although no longer stocked on our shelves, we are able to get the finest in backpack sprayers in a week or less time. The Solo Backpack Sprayer feature a high-density polyethylene tank with ultra-violet inhibitors that allows for unmatched durability and ultra-violet protection. Large 4.25" opening for easy filling and cleaning. Shut-off valve and wand with an overall length of 28" for hard-to-reach places. 4' high-pressure hose. Padded shoulder straps for greater comfort. Chemically resistant Viton seals insure long life and durability. With its connecting rod-activated piston pump, the 425 is capable of producing a wide pressure range of up to 90 psi, and is capable of performing virtually every spraying task. Our supplying warehouse stocks both the 425 piston pump model and the deluxe 475 diaphragm pump models.  811-140,141
Need just a small hand Sprayer for those smaller jobs? Our Plant & Garden Sprayer features 32 big ounces for all of your plant care needs. Locking on /off trigger. Quick shot - trigger sprayer. Sturdy enough for all of your spraying needs.

Our Spraymaster® High output sprayer is designed for spraying water, window cleaners, room deodorants, insecticides, light oils, plant foods, plant fertilizers, all-purpose cleaners and many other liquids.
Rugged and lightweight with easy trigger action and handy adjustable spray nozzle.

When used in conjunction with Bonide Mosquito Beater, Bug Beater and /or Fly Beater Barn and Stable Insecticide Fogs, our FOG RxTM machines produce dense fog that permeate foliage, cracks, crevices and other hiding places, quickly collapsing insect populations, leaving a safe, pest free environment for people, pets, plants and livestock, without pesticide residue. Self ignition starter. Works with any size propane canister. Designed to allowed to be put down and comes with one quart of fogging Insecticide.

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Help keep your plants pest-free with the Gilmour Poly Garden Duster. This tool evenly distributes pesticide dust on your flowers and vegetables. The round canister holds up to one pound of pesticide dust, which is dispersed by pumping and pressing in the handle. Apply differing amounts of dust by varying the length and intensity of your pumping. The 15.25" extension tube enables you to dust hard to reach areas, and the attached deflector dusts the bottoms of your plants as well. Maintain healthy, pest free flowers with the Gilmour Poly Garden Duster. Made in the USA. 811-105
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The most popular of our watering cans is our 2 Gallon plastic watering can with removable sprinkler spout. Evergreen color with large opening on the top for easy filling.

Our Premium Poly 2 gal Watering Can has special features that include an ergonomic handle and balanced design to make this everyday gardening tool versatile, easy to use and durable. Large, offset opening is easy to fill from spigot or sink. Has an adjustable rosette for a steady stream or gentle spray. Molded-in water-level indicators make it easy to determine proper water-to-fertilizer ratio. May be offered in either green or Terra Cotta color styles.       811-852
Our most durable watering can is a 10 quart galvanized sprinkling can. Hot-dipped galvanized for years of leak proof and rustproof use. Sturdy top and back handles. Designed for free flow of water without spills. Replacement Rosettes are available for the cans.

For functionality and style we offer a 7 qt. galvanized Sprinkler/Watering Can in dazzling red.

For something unique, different, yet functional go with a Pink Pig Watering Can. Holds 1.75 gals

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Over the past 25 years we have accumulated dozens of parts and repair kits for sprayers we have sold, including Chapin, DB Smith, Solo and Agway labeled sprayers manufactured by Root-Lowell. When time permits, we will try to list our parts in a separate page, but for now we suggest either calling or bringing your sprayer to us to see if we can supply the needed part. As with our power equipment, a part number will save you time and us frustration in trying to get you the part you need.  Links to the most common sprayers are included here to help you in your search for that sprayer part.
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