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Nothing we can do to make it stop snowing but when it does we have the tool to help you Shovel, Push, Scoop or Scrape that snow and ice from your yard, deck or roof. Sorry we no longer stock Powered Snow Blowers.
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Big Foot Economy Poly Snow Shovel with D-grip handle, steel-core handle, and resin gripper sleeve.     
Garant Nordic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel with 13.5" x 18" poly blade. Strong moisture resistant stained 1.25" Diameter Ash Handle with wide ribbed poly D-Grip.           
Garant Alpine Mountain Mover Combo Snow Shovel with 13.5" x 18" poly blade. Steel wear strip extends the blade life. Strong moisture resistant stained ash handle with wide poly D-Grip Handle.    

22" Aluminum Flat Blade Snow Shovel with Lite Aluminum Handle.
Rugg Backsaver XL Snow Shovel. The 36P blade is an all-new blade for Rugg. The galvanized steel wearstrip is molded into the leading edge of the blade for extra durability and strength. There are no rivets to loosen up or wear off. The blade is 19-3/4" x 13.5" x 5" deep. Our trademarked Back-Saver aluminum handle is ergonomically designed to lift the load efficiently without adding the extra weight of a steel handle. It incorporates a foam grip surface for comfort.              816-039
Emergency Shovel with Extendable Handle.
Steel handle extends to 37" for long reach
9-1/2" wide poly shovel head                    
Compact for easy storage - handle collapses and head is removable
Great size for kid                        816-009
Garant car smart kit snow shovel with ash handle and comfortable padded car brush packed together.
For Large Aluminum and Poly Barn Shovels, go to our Farm Tools Page
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Big Foot Poly Econo Snow Pusher with D-Grip Steel Core Handle and resin gripper sleeve.
Garant Nordic Snow Pusher. Dark Orange 21" Poly Blade. 46-1/4" varnished hardwood handle with poly D-Grip.
Garant Alpine Snow Pusher with 11" x 21" yellow poly blade. Steel wear strip extends the blade life, strong moisture resistant stained ash handle with wide poly D-Grip handle.
Garant 26" Nordic Poly Snow Pusher. Light, strong poly snow pusher with red poly blade. Varnished hardwood handle with poly D-Grip.
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Garant Alpine 22" Poly Snow Scoop. Light, strong sleigh type scoop. Galvanized steel wear strip and tubular steel handle with grey baked enamel finish.
Garant Premium Yukon Brand Ergo sleigh shovel for heavy snow fall. 24" blue poly scoop, steel wear strip and 56" ergonomic steel handle for maximum strength.
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Garant Nordic 7" Sidewalk Scraper with stamped steel blade. 42" straight hardwood handle.

No matter how hard you push and how pristine the edge is, your snow shovel can't do it all. When you get through the snow and reveal the ice, you'll want the Razor - Back Sidewalk Scraper at your disposal. With a sturdy wood handle and solid steel head, this tool will easily get under the sheets of ice on your sidewalk and driveway. Your snow shovel is called a snow shovel for a reason; get an appropriate ice scraper with the Razor - Back Sidewalk Scraper.    816-042
Garant Yukon Sidewalk Scraper. Industrial grade sidewalk scraper. Heavy-duty forged and tempered steel blade. 35" varnished ash handle with poly "D" grip.
 Seymour SC-48 Super Scraper with 4" x 8" Forged Head Blade and 54" Hardwood Handle. Used to remove ice, old flooring, roofing, and general clean-up on construction sites. Rugged enough to sever roots and loosen hard-packed soil.                                           816-047
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True Temper Snow Roof Rake with a sturdy 6.5" x 22" lightweight poly blade for easier handling. Strong aluminum handle that extends 17 feet.
Garant Snow Roof Rake with a 24" blue poly blade that won't damage the roof. Painted aluminum handle, 3 sections of 60". that extend to an approximate total length of 16 ft. 3-3/8 in.
Melnor #99 Aluminum Roof Rake. Blade size 24" x 6-1/2" with aluminum handle. 15 feet over all length.
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