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Union Agway is your home for the best pet food, wild bird food plus a huge selection of pet supplies for all types of pets.  It's so easy to make Union Agway your source for one stop shopping because they offer so many different high quality products and have the knowledge and expertise to recommend to you just what's right for your pet.  If you have any questions about pet needs, just ask and the staff can help you decide on the right food or other supplies. Trusted names like Taste of the Wild, Nutro, Sport Mix, Feathered Friend, Fancy Flight, and Agway brands are all here for the health and care of your pet or a hungry visitor to your yard. Note: as of late February 2011, all of the links to further pages in this category are still under construction. Sorry.

Pet Food


Vets will tell you that providing your pets with a well balanced, nutritious food will contribute to their overall happiness and health.  Weight is especially an issue with older animals. So, it is important to give your pets the right amount of a high quality food through out their entire lives. This way, they will have better health and have more energy all their lives.  Union Agway carries Nutro (Natural Choice, Max and now Ultra), Taste of the Wild, Sportmix, Animal Planet Organic Dog Food, Agway Lil' Red Cat Food and Big Red Dog & Rabbit Food which are the best foods for your dogs and cats.  Do you have birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets or gerbils? We have plenty of choices for good nutrition for them too!



Backyard bird feeding is one of the fastest growing hobbies in America, with millions of households presently feeding and watching our feathered friends has the number of bird lovers continuing to grow. Whether you prefer watching the birds as they dine at one of your feeders or as they bathe at the bird bath in your yard, Union Agway has all the products to fill your needs. From the chickadees to the cardinals, we can help you get the most enjoyment from your hobby. We offer an extensive selection of seed, feeders, bird houses, bird baths, books, and other accessories for a large variety of birds. Our products help our wild bird friends thrive year-round. Years ago, bird feeding was more of a winter activity, but not anymore. Today, the birding hobbyist feeds wild birds throughout the year. Union Agway carries suet feeders and several varieties of suet for winter feeding. We also stock numerous varieties and blends of seed and seed mixes some of which are bird species specific. Small bag or large bag no problem! Many varieties come in the size that suits your needs. From economy mixes to gourmet blends, Union Agway has plenty to choose from. We stock a variety of feeders and continue to add new and innovative styles on a regular basis. We have tube, platform, plastic, wooden, window and squirrel-resistant feeders. We also carry hummingbird and oriole feeders and stock a complete selection of wild life feeders. Bird houses, poles, hangers, baffles, and trays are always in stock, as are bird baths, books, and other wild bird accessories.

Pet Supply

Pets need accessories too! Leashes, collars, carriers, litter boxes, medications, toys, beds, grooming tools, dishes, fences and so much more in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes are right here next to the pet food!

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