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Apple - Malus

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Common Name: Dwarf 'Apple Tree'
Botanical Name : Malus   '4 in 1'                      
Want a variety of Apple Trees for you home orchard, but don't have the space or money for more than 1 or two trees?  Try something different with our new 4-1 Apple Tree.  On one dwarf tree you get four varieties grafted varieties on to one root stock to make these unique space saving fruit trees.  Supply is limited, so don't wait on this one or you may be waiting until next year!

The varieties we receive each year may vary, but each variety will be individually tagged on each tree. Varieties used include Cortland, Yellow Delicious, Red Delicious, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Red McIntosh, Liberty and Spartan.


Common Name: Dwarf 'Apple Tree'
Botanical Name : Malus   'Arkansas Black'

At first glance you might ask, "why would I want a black apple from a southern state"? Take another look as this is a very hardy tree that does well in the north. Arkansas Black Apple Trees have become quite popular for its balanced and sweet flavor and for its excellent juice. This medium sized apple has dark red skin that is almost black in color. The flesh is firm, white, and crisp. A new variety for us this year and something new for you to try. The Arkansas Black Apple Tree will be one of the last trees to ripen in October. Hardy to Zones 4.

Common Name: Dwarf 'Apple Tree'
Botanical Name : Malus   'Honeycrisp'                       

Honeycrisp Apple has become increasingly popular in American grocery stores over the past few years. Primarily due to its explosive crisp texture and well-balanced sweet/tart flavor, it is said to be the "fun to eat apple". A relatively new patented variety, Honeycrisp Apple has a texture similar to a crisp watermelon or Asian Pear. The fruit size is very large and predominantly red over a yellow background. Honeycrisp ripens in late September.    

Common Name: Dwarf 'Apple Tree'
Botanical Name : Malus   'McIntosh'                       

McIntosh is America's most famous apple. One of the earliest apples of the season, McIntosh apples will start to appear in the middle of September if the temperature drops below 60F. But wait until the end of September or early October to pick your Macs; then you'll get an apple that has matured on the tree and has a wonderful flavor.

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