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How many times have you had to re-plant cucumbers because of late spring cool spell, a period of rain that rotted the seeds, or that cute, little furry animal that made a midnight snack of those tender shoots?  No need to fret. We have Cucumbers all started for you in 3" peat pots, meaning you can plant the pot and all right in the ground without disturbing the roots for a faster start. Save the hassles of cold weather and rain, now just figure out a way to keep that "critter" from helping himself.

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  Cucumber  'Slicing'             

We grow a variety of slicing cucumbers with smooth, straight growth and thin, dark green skin.  Choose from Marketmore, Straight 8, Jackson Supreme and Burpee's Spacemaster. (Great for small areas) Harvest these cukes at about 8 to 9 inches long and you'll be enjoying mouth watering fresh cucumbers.  Slice 'em up right out of the garden, add a little salt, or toss with other fresh green produce for a healthy fresh salad or my favorite, a cucumber sandwich with mayonnaise.  m-m-m Good!
Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 50-60 Days

  Cucumber  'Wisconsin SMR 58 Pickling'          

Our pickling cucumbers will produce big crops of tasty, crispy cukes. Harvest these blocky fruits when they reach 4-5 inches long.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 50-60 Days

Harvest at 1 1/2 inches for tiny sweet pickles or 4 to 5 inches for dills and spears

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