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The hardy Hostas produce blue, lavender, or white blooms or long leafless stalks, but the plants are grown as much for their beautiful foliage clumps and because the prosper in shady locations.  Hundreds of hybrids have been developed that range in size from small dwarfs to giant-sized specimens with leaves in all shapes in white, yellow, blue, and variegated shades.  Hostas are low-maintenance plants that thrive where other desirable plants refuse to grow.  They look nice on a shady bank, along a woodland path and as an edging for a shrub or wildflower garden.  Although they prefer light shade, they will grow in full sun if the soil is moist, deep, and well supplies with humus and nutrients.

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Common Name:  Hosta
Botanical Name : Hosta 'Guacamole'

Big, beefy foliage sports a green edge and a light gold center that intensifies as the season progresses and forms a flowering mound of foliage that really fills some space. The foliage is superb but wait until 'Guacamole' blooms with big, lavender to white flowers atop tall stalks in early August. Their amazing fragrance helped propel this showy plant into winning 2002 Hosta of the Year award.
Matures 28-32" tall x 24-28" wide.       Hardy to Zone 3.
Common Name:  Hosta
Botanical Name : Hosta 'Royal Standard'

'Royal Standard' is favored for its sweetly scented lily-like white flowers backed by magnificent rich green heart-shaped leaves. Performs well in full sun in Northern climates. Prized herbaceous perennial. Does well in partial to full shade.
Moderate growth to 24" tall x 36" wide.           Hardy to Zone 3.
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