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Whether you want a home-grown jack-o'-lantern or you need materials for your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, we have the pumpkin you need and all started in our 3" peat cups. Some good compost or well rotted manure in the hole before transplanting will be just the ticket for your pumpkin to grow and grow and grow....

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  Pumpkin  'Big Max'    

If you want to grow the biggest pumpkin in the neighborhood, then grow 'Big Max'. Fruit have been known to reach 150 pounds or more.  Although not a true pumpkin, 'Big Max' more resembles a pumpkin than 'Atlantic Giant' in color and shape.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 110 Days

  Pumpkin  'Connecticut Field'    

When the first settlers arrived in New England, native Americans were growing pumpkins that looked like this one among their corn. It is the original Halloween pumpkin and makes great pies too.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 90-95 Days

Pumpkin Connecticut Field (Heirloom)
Connecticut Field
An Heirloom Variety Predating 1700

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