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Rhubarb - Rheum

Yes, we know Rhubarb is not a fruit, but really a vegetable, but like Tomatoes, which are really a vegetable and not fruit, we opted to put rhubarb where it "fits" and not where is technically belongs.  Besides, when you think of Rhubarb, you think of Rhubarb Pie.  And what typically goes in pies?  Fruit.  Whatever, send us your email to correct us anyway, we don't mind.

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Common Name:  'Rhubarb'
Botanical Name : Rheum rhabarbarum  

produces thick red stalks and is excellent for home gardeners.  Vigorous and  known for its red petioles which retain their color when cooked and the production of few or no seed stalks. For Growing info click on our Rhubarb Growing Page.
For more than you ever wanted to know about Rhubarb, go to  Did you know they even have Rhubarb Festivals? Supposedly there is one in Camden, Maine. Didn't know that either before building this web page!   If you know when, tell us. We'll post the dates.


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