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Rose Mallow - Hibiscus


For a real conversation stopper, grow a few Hardy Hibiscus hybrids in your garden and cut them for a mammoth bouquet.  The flat, 6-12" flowers come in wide array of colors, but their size, and the plant's 3-6' height make them suitable for only large gardens.  In the right spot they make an impressive display, as they do when planted as small shrubs in the landscape. Hibiscus will prefer moist, almost wet soil but will tolerate well drained sites.

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Common Name:  Rose Mallow
Botanical Name : Hibiscus 'Luna Rose'

Be prepared to be bowled over by this summer flower factory! Mammoth 8", shocking, deep pink blooms obliterate the foliage from July through early September, but that is only the start of what makes this plant such a landscape winner. Like all the Luna Hibiscus, it's the outstanding, carefree plant form that makes 'Luna Rose' such a great plant with those incredible blossoms being borne on a compact, well branched, sturdy plant that actually fits into the rest of the landscape instead of overpowering it. A real hummingbird magnet, 'Luna Rose' in bloom looks like it's on the juice and it will help you define your summer landscape.
Matures 2-3' tall and wide.                Hardy to Zone 4.

Common Name:  Rose Mallow
Botanical Name : Hibiscus 'Luna Red'

Like its sibling 'Luna Rose', 'Luna Red' presents a compact, well branched form that takes considerably less space in the garden than some other Hibiscus yet delivers such a concentration of bloom you'll barely notice the difference. Big buds unfurl huge, 7-8" diameter flowers starting in late July that are uniformly deep, dark red in color and so numerous in August and into September that you'll have to look hard to find foliage. The show continues in September on this sun-loving, well-drained soil living plant that you might even consider using it in a container, given its compact, floriferous nature.
Matures 2-3" tall x 24-30" wide. Hardy to Zone 5.
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