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Rosemary - Rosmarium

Rosemary, both fresh and dried, has numerous cosmetic, decorative, medicinal, and culinary uses, besides its ornamental appeal. The aromatic oil is added to soaps, creams, lotions, perfumes, and toilet waters. The leaves can be used in sachets and potpourris, as well as in herbal baths, facial steams, hair rinses, and dyes. Rosemary is used as an astringent and cleanser in bath and beauty products. Rosemary water is often called Hungary water since one of the Queens of Hungary was said to bathe in rosemary water everyday, and that she was so beautiful even in old age that she was asked for her hand in marriage at the age of 75.  Spicy, strong and fragrant, rosemary goes well in beef, pork, lamb and veal dishes. Thread through chicken breasts and grill. It enhances cauliflower, potatoes, eggplant and peas.

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Common Name:  Rosemary 'Salem'
Botanical Name : Rosmarinum

A very vigorous, upright variety that is perfect for cooking, bonsai and topiaries, 'Salem' also offers bright blue flowers. Great for savory dishes, especially poultry.                   

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