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Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are a popular plant for vertical gardens. Interestingly, botanists do not consider them true climbing plants like vines because they donít grow their own support structures to hold onto a surface. Therefore, they need a helping hand and a vertical space to attach to and grow on.
If youíre interested in growing a climbing rose, you also can choose to purchase a trellis or an arbor so that they have a suitable place to grow. You can also be creative and train your roses over a fence, a pillar, a garden shed, or other structures in your yard. Climbers may be any one of the rose types we show in our other pages, but grouped all rose varieties of climbers on this page.

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Name: Climbing Rose 'Henry Kelsey'

A cold-hardy masterpiece, this free-flowering selection is always ready to put on a show with its clusters of large, double, bright red flowers and its bewitching spicy fragrance. Vigorous and disease-resistant, this own-root rose is easy to train and perfect for use on walls and fences.

Matures 10-12' tall or wide.        Listed as "Northern Hardy"

Name: Climbing Rose 'John Cabot'

Extremely hardy with fragrant, rosy-pink flowers. Free-blooming and very disease-resistant, great for massing.

Matures 8-10' tall and wide.             Listed as "Northern Hardy".

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