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Everybody who gardens usually plants at least one variety of Tomato.  While actually classified as a fruit, almost everybody considers them a vegetable.  With literally dozens of varieties available and personal preferences almost as many, our dilemma has been how to decide what varieties to carry with the limited space we can offer.  With nine choices to pick from (down from 15 in 2007) your dilemma will be the same.  We have a possible solution for you.  Try our new Variety 6 Pack.  Each of these packs will have six different varieties, so you can have a multiple choice of tomatoes to grow without having to buy six of every kind.

Selection Tip: when choosing varieties, keep in mind that “determinates” ripen over 3-4 weeks on bushy vines that usually need no staking. “Indeterminate” vines continue to grow and produce fruit all season until frost. The large vines need support.

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  Tomato  'Beefsteak'

Bright red and Tasty!  'Beefsteak' produces large, delicious fruit on vigorous vines. This variety is great for slicing on sandwiches and relish trays or simply all by themselves.  A favorite and popular variety, this indeterminate plant will yield 12-16 oz tomatoes.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 90-95 Days

  Tomato  'Burpee Big Boy'   

The hallmark of this large, crack-free tomato is its absolutely superb flavor. Bright red, firm, meaty fruits often weigh 1 pound or more, and feature smooth, blemish-resistant skins. This indeterminate variety is a very popular choice that produces over a long season and is excellent for juice, table use, canning and preserving.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 80 Days

  Tomato  'Celebrity'   

'Celebrity' is a classic favorite for large, 8-oz. fruits that refuse to crack and keep coming over a long season!  This determinate producer is an AAS winner and long-time favorite of ours. 'Celebrity' is a superior all-around tomato with such fantastic disease resistance you can put away the sprays and soaps for good! These determinate plants are exceptionally strong, bearing masses of smooth, round, bright red tomatoes. Weighing about 8 ounces, they're very uniform (no green shoulders here!) and resist cracking.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 70 Days

Super Disease Resistance Means Huge Yields on this Old Reliable!

  Tomato  'Early Girl' 

Our #1 bestseller and our earliest slicing tomato, 'Early Girl' is a name gardeners have relied on for many years, and it's easy to see why. These 4- to 6-ounce fruits are ready in just 57 days -- red-skinned, smooth, and absolutely delectable! The indeterminate plants are very heavy-bearing and vigorous, with great resistance to diseases.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 55-60 Days

The Earliest Slicer!
A Trusted Classic!

  Tomato  'Marglobe'     

This highly adaptable, tasty old favorite produces high yields of globe- shaped fruits on uniform vines. Large fruits on determinate plants are uniform as well, very sweet and thick-walled. Tolerant to Fusarium Wilt.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 90-95 Days

  Tomato  'Super Bush'    These scrumptious hybrid tomatoes are specially bred for abundant yields of space saving 2-1/2 to 3' plants. they are perfect for growing in large pots and patio containers. Super Bush bears juicy fruits with full-sized, sweet, tomato-y flavor, not bland or watery like so many other bush varieties. It's a treat to walk out the back door and pick them still warm from the sun. A perfect way to enjoy the incomparable flavor of vine-ripe tomatoes even when you have limited garden space. These Determinate plants are available in 1 & 2 gal pots ready for immediate transplanting into large containers or your backyard garden spot.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 80 Days

  Tomato  'Roma VF'  

'Roma VF' is the classic Italian paste tomato. This favorite canning tomato produces bright red, plum shaped, paste-type fruits with meaty interiors on determinate plants.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 75-80 Days

 Tomato  'Sun Gold'   

Rapidly becoming the most popular cherry tomato of all time--an amazing feat for a non-red variety. But when you taste the sweet-tart flavor you'll know why. The beautiful golden-orange fruits are borne in large clusters. The flavor develops early, so this little tomato is great for snacking a week before full maturity, when it becomes very sweet and delicious. Indeterminate Plants.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 65 Days

  Tomato  'Supersweet 100 Cherry'   

With extra sweetness and great disease-fighting ability 'Supersweet 100' is a rare treat that is also one of the most nutritious tomatoes available anywhere! With the same great flavor that made its predecessor a standard garden favorite for many years. The bright red, 1-inch globes are amazingly sweet, and arise prolifically on indeterminate plants.

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 65 Days

Highest Vitamin C Content of Any Tomato!

  Tomato  'Amish Paste'       

Large for a paste Tomato -- about 8oz, this exceptionally flavorful Wisconsin heirloom traces its origin to Pennsylvania, hence the name 'Amish Paste'. The oblong-oval fruits are medium red in color and grow in clusters of two to four. Considered one of the best varieties for sauces and canning. Indeterminate

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 80-85 Days

Excellent for making paste and sauce.

  Tomato  'Tumblin Tom'   

This determinate, weeping habit Tomato means no more staking, stooping, and searching for Tomatoes in the garden -- Tumbling Tom puts big handfuls of luscious Cherries right at eye level! This lovely "edible ornamental" is is already transplanted for you in our 10 & 12" hanging baskets. 'Tumbling Tom' produces 1-2 oz. bright red fruits on prostrate vines up to 2' long.

First Ready to Harvest in about 60 Days

Loads of juicy, delicious Tomatoes on every stem!

  Tomato  'Variety 6 Pack'   

Our variety 6 pack is a Union Agway exclusive.  These large cell 6 packs hold six different tomato varieties and can extend your fresh tomato season from the early season 'Early Girl' to the determinate variety 'Marglobe' at the end of our growing season.  Each pack contains one each of these varieties: 'Beefsteak', 'Marglobe', 'Early Girl', 'Roma',' Sun Gold',  & 'Sweet 100'

Ready to Harvest from Transplanting: 55-95 Days
, Depending on Variety.

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