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It was hard to decide if this page should be called Fruit Trees (nope, 'cause we have bushes, too.) or Fruit Plants or Fruit Trees, Bushes & Plants. In the end we called it Fruit and it fits since we're all a little fruity here at the Agway Store.  Our offering for 2012 has been reduced from past years. We still have all the popular fruit trees and bushes, but have discontinued carrying some of the more unusual fruits. We are still carrying the 4 in 1 Apple trees and they always seem to get chosen first, so if you wait to long, you might have to wait until next year.  As with all our nursery product you can always reserve your choice anytime after April 1 (deposit may be required) Please note, Crabapples are listed in the Trees & Shrubs page.

Thanks for a good season, we have sold out of all Fruit Trees & Bushes for 2012. Please check back in the Spring of 2013 for an updated list. Have a special request? Contact us to see if we can supply you with your favorite variety or a large quantity.

Apple  Malus 
Berries - Black, Blue, Red
Cherry   Prunus avium
Grapes  (no link yet, coming soon)
Prunus persia
Pear   Pyrus
Plum   Prunus salicina,  Prunus domestica

Annuals Perennials Trees & Shrubs Roses Vegetables Herbs Fruit

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