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It's probably a given that 80% of the browsers who land here will know what they are looking for and will have no problem searching through the 62 genus varieties shown below. For the other 20% of you, this page and the ones linked to it can provide you with an almost overwhelming amount of information.  Each linked page may start you with an overview of that plant's general characteristics. Perennials, of course unlike Annuals are the flowering plants that come back in your garden year after year without having to re-plant.  However, be careful.  Too many first time gardeners (and some experienced ones) make the mistake of planting perennials too close together.  They look great for the first year or two and then before you know it, a jungle has developed in what was once a beautiful little garden spot.  We feature mostly 1 gallon or larger pots and each year we are expanding our offering of Proven Winner varieties.  So go ahead and browse. But, grab a pencil and paper first, you might just find so many "got to have" perennials, you won't be able to remember them all.


Fall planting of perennials is a great time to save.  All of our perennials are now 40% off until we put them to bed for the winter. Concerned about a late planting? Check out our Fall Planting Tip Sheet and be assured this a a great time to plant.


Perennials are listed by alphabetical order in both common name and botanical name, so whether you know it as daylily or hemerocallis you should be able to scroll directly to your choice.

A - D

Alcea  Hollyhock
Alchemilla   Lady's Mantle

Alyssum  Mountain Madwort
Amsonia  Star Flower

Ancontinum  Monkshood
Artemisia  Silvermound, Wormwood

Aquilegia  Columbine
Arancus   Goats Beard


Balloon Flower 
Bachelors Button  Centaurea
Barrenwort  Epimedium
Bee Balm  Monarda
Bell Flower  Campanula
English Daisy

Black Eyed Susan  Rudebeckia
Bleeding Heart  Dicentra 

Marsh Marigold

Campanula  Bell Flower

Catmint  Nepata
Bachelors Button

Chelone  Turtlehead
Chrysanthemum Garden Mum

Columbine  Aquilegia
Coneflower  Echinacea
Coral Bells  Heuchera
Coreopsis  Tickseed

Daisy-Gloriosa  Rudebeckia
Daisy-Shasta  Leucanthemum
Daylily  Hemerocallis
Delphinium  Larkspur
Hardy Pinks
Dicentra  Bleeding Heart
Digitalis  Foxglove

Doronicum  Leopardsbane

E - L

Echinacea  Coneflower
English Daisy  Bellis

Epimedium  Barrenwort

False Sunflower Heliopsis

Foxglove  Digitalis


Gaura  Wandflower

Gayfeather  Liatris

Gloriosa Daisy  Rudebeckia
Goats Beard  Arancus


Helenium  Helen's Flower

Heliopsis  False Sunflower
Hemerocallis  Daylily
Hens & Chicks  Sempervivum

Coral Bells
Hibiscus-Hardy  Rose Mallow
Hollyhock  Alcea

Ibiris  Candytuft-Evergreen



Lady's Mantle  Alchemilla
Larkspur  Delphinium
Leopardsbane  Doronicum
Lavender  Lavandula
Leucanthemum  Shasta Daisy

Liatris  Gayfeather
Lobelia    Cardinal Flower
Lungwort  Pulmonaria
Lupine  Lupinus

M - Z

Marsh Marigold Caltha palustria
Meadow Sage  Salvia

Monarda  Bee Balm

Monkshood  Anconitum

Mountain Madwort  Alyssum
Mum, Garden  Chrysanthemum

Nepeta  Catmint


Papaver  Poppy
Peony  Paeonia
Pincushion Flower  Scabiosa
Pinks  Dianthus
Platycodon  Balloon Flower
Poppy  Papaver
Potentilla, Wing Leaved

Pulmonaria  Lungwort


Rose Mallow   Hibiscus-Hardy
Black-Eyed Susan,                       Gloriosa Daisy


Salvia  Meadow Sage
Scabiosa  Pincushion Flower
Sedum  Stonecrop
Sempervivum  Hens & Chicks

Shasta Daisy  Leucanthemum
SilverMound  Artemisia
Speedwell  Veronica
Star Flower  Amsonia
Stonecrop  Sedum


Tickseed  Coreopsis

TurtleHead  Chelone


Veronica  Speedwell
Vernonia   Ironweed

Viola (Perennial) Violet

Wandflower  Gaura
Wormwood  Silvermound, Artemisia

Annuals Perennials Trees & Shrubs Roses Vegetables Herbs Fruit
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